I’m Matthew Marteinsson and this is the home of some of my writing pertaining to audio and some bits and pieces of different projects I do. I’ve been doing game audio since 2003 and was a music recording engineer before that. I’m based out of Vancouver, Canada and try to support both our local audio scene and the larger world scene as much as I can. So what are all the things I do….

For a day job I work at Klei Entertainment making sounds for games.

In my spare time I make weird music. Can be found here https://mattesque.bandcamp.com/ as well as all your usual streaming services under Mattesque

I also put out a podcast called Beards, Cats, And Indie Game Audio with Gordon McGladdery from A Shell In The Pit. We’ve been at that since 2014. All the episodes are here http://indiegameaudio.podbean.com/

I organize a free lunch time mini-con in San Francisco while everyone is in town for GDC. You can find info on that on this site.  It’s called CarouselCon.

I co-organize a meetup/conference that happens twice a year in Bellingham that gets the Vancouver and Seattle game audio people together for a day of talks and socializing. That’s called Audio Bash.

I mix music for a few people as well. Love to get back to where I started in audio when I can.

I do talks at conferences when I can and have had the pleasure of talking at events like GDC, Full Indie Summit, Indievelopment, GameSoundCon and PAX Prime. And probably forgotten some as well.

Contact me at matthew@wootwootsound.com or on Twitter at @mattesque

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