Guide and Code of Conduct.

Welcome! This team was created to have another place to share game audio information and a general hang out for game audio people. Please read through this for the rules and well as tips to get the most out of the place. The formal Code Of Conduct is at the end.

If you’ve found this before getting an invite to the group please contact @mattesque on twitter. Invites are handed out on personal requests for those interested. While there’s some questions people of all skill levels are welcome.

This slack team is for audio people who work in games to hang out and chat. It’s made for sound designers, composers, audio programmers and audio implementers and is a casual hang out to talk with others who understand the field. It’s open to all skill levels but a high level of interest and passion should be shown if you haven’t shipped any games yet. It’s very ephemeral with no searchable history so be aware of that since interactions are generally with people online at that point in time. It’s open and welcome to all in audio regardless of any status, race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, or military/veteran status or any other way someone might discriminate. We will not tolerate it at all and you will be banned if need be. This is a safe place for anyone and we will make sure to keep it that way. What it’s not: it’s not your personal google, it’s not a place to search for topics more than a week old, it’s not your professional work slack, it’s not a place to market to (or spam), it is a section of the game audio community and we want it to represent the best we have to offer hanging out with each other.

Originally thought to give a place to have longer conversations that wouldn’t fit on Twitter it’s become more of a chat room hang out: a virtual water cooler. It’s a chat room that doesn’t have a lot of permanence so don’t rely on anything lasting more than a week. This is because the free version of Slack has a 10,000 message limit so anything older than that gets deleted and there’s no way to pay for the unlimited limit reasonably.

Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct

The standard: The Game Audio Slack workspace is a professional group for everyone participating in game audio. The industry has a problem with a lack of diversity in many places and we strive to better that both internally and externally. This means we encourage all people to join and contribute to a safe and friendly environment to connect and collaborate with each other as well as have constructive conversations in a space that is conducive to professionalism and the sharing of different perspectives in an inclusive manner, especially for under-represented groups in audio and games.

Things to keep in mind.

  1. This is meant as a Virtual Watercooler. A place to hang out and chat, ask advice of people who are there. It is not a forum or proper message board. It’s casual but still a semi-professional space.
  2. Debate is great and encouraged on topics that make sense for friendly debate (like if Pineapple should be on pizza) but anything antagonistic, insulting, racist, sexist, or other inappropriate comments will not be tolerated. Be aware that your tone may come off differently to someone else as well and keep in mind that intent does not matter. If asked to stop or move a conversation to DM’s please do so immediately. Arguments can make many people on the team feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, and ultimately leave. Bad Conversation: Discussing if the lack of women in audio and games is because of a ‘lack of interest’ or some other sexist commentary and antagonizing, or talking over others in the channel to ‘see your side’. (This type of behavior will get you banned). Good Conversation: Discussing the impacts of FMOD and Wwise on your next unity project and which you chose to go with etc.
  3. Please do your research before posting questions. We’re here to help but please show the community the courtesy putting in some effort. This is not a private google search. Bad Question: “What’s a good mic?” Good Question: “I’m looking for a mic for VO and noticed that the SM7b and U87 are both listed as good but I have no experience using them, does one work best for male voices? Budget is no concern.”
  4. Please be aware of “wall of text” moments. If you’re going to post several responses in a row or answer a question please thread those items to keep the channel clean. Again, not doing this is something that turns people off using the team as they can feel overwhelmed when the visual space is dominated by a few people.
  5. If you feel someone has violated any of these terms and needs to be spoken to or removed please message the admins immediately (@mattesque  @jaymfernandes @nielsvdleest @carlesy @tporter64 (more to come)). We will deal with them accordingly. We will also listen to any other concerns you may have in general.
  6. Comments and posts that violate any of the rules, guidelines, or code will be deleted without warning. The admins aim to keep this a clean place for all.
  7. Mocking others due to their opinion, lack of understanding, experience level, fluency in your language etc. will not be permitted, even from outside the channel. This includes sharing posts from outside the Slack Team like from Twitter and Reddit for the sole purpose of poking fun. It is casual here but we are a professional group and expect a level of respect for our fellow audio people. Everyone started somewhere. Our aim is to build up, not tear down an inclusive community.
  8. Proper names and a completed profile are required. Your screen name can be you what you like (as long as it doesn’t break anyone of the other rules) but this team is not meant to be anonymous and refusal to show your real name will get you kicked. Your profile requires the name by which you identify yourself in “real life”. “What I do” must also be filled out with appropriate content.
  9. There is an expectation that what is said with in the workspace stays within the workspace. If you would like to quote anything said here please get permission from the person you’d like to quote. (like to post a screenshot on Twitter or the wiki etc.).
  10. Shared audio files should be deleted within 2 weeks of publicly sharing them to avoid having to purge them manually. Please avoid directly uploading audio files via DM’s and use a host instead (like, google drive, or dropbox for instance.) Free accounts have a limited drive space and have explicit rules in how you can and cannot delete them. For instance, files shared via DM’s can ONLY be deleted by the person that shared them. We’ve tried. It doesn’t matter if you’re an admin. Because of this we’ve lost half our drive space to people who no longer come to the channel and have dead files on their account (and deleting their account does not delete the files). If you want a file to be around longer please find a hosting service to post it with or link to. Files on this slack will be purged with no notice by admins so please them and the community and clean up after yourself.
  11. Remember nothing here lasts. We burn our free message limit within 1 to 2 weeks. Anything older then that is gone. Due to that this is not a good place to put anything someone needs to see at a later date. This is meant for of the moment discussions and hangouts.
  12. We actively encourage gear/software/plugins/tools of the trade discussions but this is not the place for personal buying/selling posts.
  13. This space will not tolerate any harassment or abuse, here or elsewhere. Any news from a credible source of a member engaging in harassment or abuse of people in our (or any) community will result in a banning from the team. While we respect that people can grow and change, for the safety of the group, bans will be administered regardless of any admission or apologies.

If the Rules are broken:

If a person is found in violation of the Code the following will happen: 1st offence if it’s something minor, the person in question will be privately messaged about the offence, an explanation of the offence will be given and an apology will be asked to be posted. Offending comments will be deleted. 2nd offence the person in question will be messaged publicly so the group knows the offence has happened. Again comments will be deleted and an apology required. 3rd offence and that person will be banned. If any of the admins feel an offence is bad enough, an immediate ban may occur. Unfortunately the rules can’t cover every situation that comes up and immediate bans are at the judgement of the admins regarding any situation that may occur.

Things To Do:

Please put your real name in your profile. We understand screen names/personas can be what you usually identify yourself online with but this isn’t a place to market it’s a community made of real people. We want to build a community that goes past the Internet since hopefully we’ll all be hanging out in person at whatever conferences we can all make it to. Also please put your company name and/or job role in your profile description. It’s always better for people to be able to know your background/experience up front if possible. Also use the Status field to let people know what you’d like to talk about (or it could be what you want to know or you feel confident talking about etc.). Please refrain from using avatars of games you didn’t work on. It’s something that can add to confusion and assumptions being made. Profiles do not carry over from one Slack team to the next, so you will need to fill out a new profile for this one specifically. If you are reading this the first time before being given access, please confirm you will fill out your profile on sign up. I AM ASKING YOU TO TELL ME YOU’VE READ THIS SECTION AND KNOW TO MAKE A FULL PROFILE WHEN SIGNING INTO THE TEAM.

While I want everyone to know who each other are please don’t quote anyone outside the channel without seeking permission. What happens in the slack team should stay in the slack team unless given explicit permission to share any further. An example: posting a screenshot to Twitter of a conversation in Slack. Don’t do this.

Please be nice to each other. Sometimes conversations get heated or something things might get too personal so try not to let that happen and for the love of god please don’t argue for arguments sake, this isn’t Reddit. You can take conversations to DM or contact @mattesque or @jaymfernandes privately if you feel like something got out of hand or you feel uncomfortable with a particular conversation. We are not in here 24/7 but we do take all messages seriously.

I’m actually going to repeat that. Be nice to each other. Be inviting and inclusive. Game audio people go wide and deep so watch your language and think about who might be listening. We want all people to feel welcome and will do what we can to make sure that is the case, including warnings and bans for anyone who does not behave. There is no entitlement of being here. There is no “free speech” here or seeking ‘alternative ideas’. It’s a private group and thus we have the right to ban anyone for any reason.

If you’re toxic, I’ll ban you. If someone is being harassing or toxic to you DM @mattesque or @jaymfernandes. We’ll deal with it. I’m not going to stand for anyone being uncool to other members so this is the warning: Play nice or get [redacted]. Please refer to the Code Of Conduct for more information and specificity.

Please take advantage of the DM’s. If you need/want an uninterrupted conversation start a DM with the person. Or group of people. We’re here to share but sometimes what we’re sharing really is only relevant to the person/people talking about that. But please think about who else might benefit from a conversation. If it’s something more than just yourself could benefit from think about having that talk in an open thread.

I get asked a lot about posting announcements about things which I’m really happy that people want to check before possibly disturbing the community. And I’m happy to give things a once over. But remember, things go very fast here. This is really not that good a place for announcements. You’re mostly only going to get the people online at that moment and since we get thousands of messages a day, that announcement is going to disappear rather fast. (gut feeling is the more you’re a part of the community the better reach your announcement will get. So chat, hang out, and don’t just dump a link and bounce). Self promotion gets into a grey area with announcements. We don’t want to discourage at all posting things that you’ve done but this isn’t a place to post “here’s my services” or cold call “hire me” posts. We’re not making an explicit rule here because it can get very grey in that area but know we will delete things that we feel crosses the line.

Don’t worry too much about catching up on the history. Rather, just jump in and start chatting. Lots of random chatter happens but asking an actual question usually focuses people. There are currently 6 channels to organize topics. Please join which ones interest you and post appropriately. This was formerly one single channel and I still like aspects of that set up so please do not ask for any more channels to be added. The aim is to keep things lean. Threads can be a great way to focus and stay on topic without dealing with sorting through everything. If you’re replying to someone please start a thread or comment on a thread. Be respectful of people’s screen space and avoid taking up the channel with banter about a meetup, or a question that could be easily threaded since it doesn’t affect everyone.

Again, threading is something that helps keep this manageable as one channel and keeps things organized. If you’ve got an answer to a specific question, please thread it with that question. If you’ve got a big something to get off your chest, post a short small message and then thread the rest. “Walls of text” can be very off putting for people so please be respectful to everyone and avoid digitally taking up a bunch of space as it can make others uncomfortable or feel like they can put a word in edge-wise.

Please delete files in a timely matter. We have a limited amount of space and file management is a bit of a pain. Be a good community member and keep things clean. Sitting on files for months is disrespectful to the rest of the group.

Lastly, remember this is the Game Audio team. Lots of people here do other audio work that’s not game audio but that’s the focus here. If you’re conversation is going off into a post or music centric topic ask yourself how relevant it is to game audio and think about taking it to a DM conversation instead. DMs can be about whatever you want, but the main channel is game audio central.

Some Tips

/ will call up the list of commands you can perform on the channel.

Some good ones:

  • Up Arrow will let you edit the last message you sent
  • /collapse will hide all the open pictures, links, gifs
  • /expand will bring back collapsed content
  • /remind will allow you to set a reminder (ie /remind me to download matt’s game tonight at 9pm)

The info icon will call up all the pinned messages and who’s active on the channel at that moment.

Sending a direct message to yourself can be used as private note taking. This is a conversation that only you can see.

Typing username will get Slackbot to give you the link to our google doc for sharing screen names. Great to learn a little bit more about everyone and let people know about yourself.

Some Links

We have a Wikia (topic-specific wiki) for Game Audio where you can post information on a topic that you think will be useful to people.

For your convenience, there’s also a Game Audio usernames spreadsheet. It’s optional.