Kill yur babies

About time I wrote some more. So this time around I want to talk about one of my often quoted, by myself, phrases Kill Yur Babies. Now this isn’t advocating infanticide. A little more tame way that some people say it is Kill Your Darlings. Basically what this means is don’t hold anything you make to be to precious or on to high of a pedestal that you aren’t open to criticism of it. That anything you create for a game you need to be open to changing it for any number of good reasons. And to not get upset about that.

Just about every game you make will be made as a team. It’ll be rare, if ever, that you make a game entirely by yourself. That means there will be several voices on what is best and right for the game. And the majority of the time you’re not going to be the lead voice in that choir. You’ll most likely be working towards someone else’s overall vision. And in that case you have to be open to critique and revision.

Now we’ll start with the assumption that everything you’re creating you think is the right and perfect sound or song for it’s purpose you intended. But just because you think so doesn’t mean everyone does. And to be a professional that people are going to want to work with again you have to be open to changes that those different views are going to have.

This isn’t saying roll over and submit to any change that is asked of you but that you need to not take it personal when changes are asked. Being asked for revisions and changes isn’t a personal attack and sometimes we can have a hard time remembering that because we’ve put so much into our sounds and songs. So it’s good to present what you think is right for the game but be ready to take on advice and make changes when another vision is presented. And do it so graciously with out getting to personally invested in ejecting your creations.

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