CarouselCon 2018

Last year I got together the first CarouselCon. And this year it’s coming back! That said what exactly is CarouselCon?

Every year at GDC I see lots of audio people hanging out at lunch by the carousel next to/on top of Moscone Center. I got the idea I want to bring free lunch time micro talks to everyone hanging out for lunch. I’ve been helping coordinate a couple of different things up here in the PNW (Audio Bash, Vancouver Sound Design Meetup) and one of the things we’ve been doing is some crowd sourced presentations and want to bring some of that energy with me to GDC. So we going to have 2 people lined up to give these little talks but we’re going to be open to grabbing people that day to talk as well. What I want from talks is to have them feel inviting to people new to game audio while still keeping experienced people entertained.

Also want to note: This is not to take away or replace anything at GDC proper. We will not be covering anything that has a proper GDC talk already. As well this will only be at the lunch break so no one will be skipping out on paid talks for this.  Just a little something more to add to the lunch break.

So here’s the details for those interested.

What: 10 or less minute micro talks. There will be at least 2 talks per day. More will be added from the crowd as much as people want to listen to people talk. Outside so no powerpoints or slide shows needed. Nor will there be any PA or anything. Just loud talking. Some will be picked before hand. Some will be lined up on the spot. If I don’t pre-book you, you might still get to talk! I’ll keep adding people and go as long as we can fit in the lunch break as long as the crowd is into it.

Where: outside Moscone Center, behind the Carousel

When: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of GDC. Wednesday and Thursday will be at 1PM.  Friday will be 12:30. 

Why: because I think it would be fun. and I think there’s lots of talks that are to short for a full GDC audio talk. and people that might not be ready for a full talk but have things to say.

As well I’ll have new “official” CarouselCon buttons to give away.

I’m also aware that all this can be a bit hard to hear at times and looking into what we might be able to do without needing to get permits or anything.

I would also love to do audio recordings of this to share with anyone who can’t attend GDC but will totally need volunteers to edit that. So hit me up if you’d like to help.

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